【9/30(Sat) 11:00~】World Food in Toyota

9/30 (Sat) “World Food in Toyota” will be held!

The food event, which was very popular last year, will be held again this year! Enjoy dishes from all over the world at one time with food truck service and take-out sales.

In the eating area, foreign picture books and trivia related to food are introduced. Why don’t you feel the world and different cultures through the country’s cuisine? No reservation is required and admission is free. Anyone is welcome to visit!

Click here to see how it went last year.

When? 2023/9/30(Sat) 11:00~15:00
Where? 豊田市駅東口まちなか広場
Toyota-shi Station East Exit Machinaka Plaza(Ex-Toyoshiba)
Prospective vendors(Country) Tappuri kebab(Turkey)/Diner Lot9 Dim's(Sri Lanka)/Giotto(Italy)/Lia's kitchen(Argentina)/Daniel's Shop(Israel)/Himalaya (India, Nepal)/Heaven's Cafe(Turkey)/Chagin(Taiwan)/3 estrellas KYH(Peru)/Natúr Büfé(Hungary)/Roast Time(Brasil)/Mikawa Shouten(Korea)/Pho Viet Aichi(Vietnam)/Restoe(Indonesia)