National Day

There are numerous individuals among the citizens of Toyota City that are inextricably linked to the international world.

At our National Day event, we invite such individuals to come and elaborate on the culture, lifesyle, music, dance, etc. of their homeland or region. This project, which started in 2007, provides a time when our guest instructors share the knowledge and understanding of their country of origin, or region, a time for performances, such as songs, dances, and displaying of costumes, and a time when conversations and interactions can be enjoyed between both the guests and the instructors. This project’s most unique aspect is its variety and contents.

Everyone is free to participate.

Want to hear about the countries and regions of the world?

We welcome guest instructors any time. There are no restrictions on the form of the cultural introduction, performance, dance, or experience that you want to share, except, we prefer non-political or religious themes.

Why don’t you come and introduce yourself, a country or your region?