Avance Japanese Class

To study in this program, call TIA (0565-33-5931), or send an e-mail (tia-system@hm.aitai.ne.jp).

In your message, please include: 1)  Your name   2)  Phone number  3)  A convenient time to contact you.

Date and Time Designated Sundays: 10:00~11:30
Schedule: Sept. 6, 20, & 27; Oct. 11 & 18; Nov. 1, 8 & 15; Dec. 6, 13 & 20
Place Suenohara Community Center

11‐36‐1, Houei-cho, Toyota-shi
Details Focused on conversations with volunteers
*No textbooks are required.
The targeted goal for the program: To equip learners with the ability to be able to do a self-introduction in Japanese.
Target The classes are for adults (15 years and older)
Those who don't understand, or speak Japanese well can participate.
Fee Free
Capacity 20 persons
Inquiry Toyota International Association (TIA)
Tel: 0565-33-5931
E-mail: tia-system@hm.aitai.ne.jp
Objective 1. To provide foreign nationals with the opportunity to acquire the Japanese Language
2. To provide Japanese nationals with the opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate with foreign nationals
3. To create a community/workplace friendly to both Japanese and foreign nationals through the common use of the Japanese Language.