Information on the Japanese Language Classes in Toyota City

We have made a leaflet comprising a list of the Japanese language classes being offered around Toyota in 10 different languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Mongolian, Nepali, and Thai).
If you happen to meet foreign people that want to learn Japanese, please refer them to these leaflets.


Page 1: Index, TIA’s Contact
Page 2: Choose class according to the contents being taught (can be found on pages 6-8)
Page 3: Choose according to the days of the week (can be found on pages 6-8)
Pages 4-5: Choose according to geographical location (can be found on pages 6 & 8)
Pages 6-8: Details about classrooms (contact, name of the classroom, days of activity, costs, limit, etc.)

Except for the language difference, the contents of the leaflets are all the same.