The Citizens’ Hospitality (Omotenashi) Newsletter

The Citizens’ Omotenashi (Hospitality) Newsletter, targets members of the foreign community of Toyota City, who are unable to communicate well in Japanese, to extend the citizens’ hospitality, including sharing useful information with them.

Please check out the latest version published on March 9, 2021.

This version is promoting community building, even among the foreign population of Toyota City, and therefore, invites foreign nationals that are interested in forming groups to act as a support unit, or lifeline, especially to help newcomers to the city to find a familiar setting where they can speak their own language and access information in relation to living in the city, particularly during the difficult times brought on by the pandemic.

If you’re a member of an already existing group, or you’re interested in forming one, TIA is offering free use of our available meeting spaces and conditional support for your group activities, as long as their aim is to build up the community and to support other individuals with foreign roots.

If you want to register your group, please fill out the group information page of the attached newsletter, and submit it to TIA by Sunday, April 25, 2021. Or to learn how to register your group, please contact TIA at:

Tel: 0565-33-5931; Fax: 0565-33-5950; Email;

*Groups are required to contact us to confirm their activity schedule. Each group is allowed up to three Sundays annually to conduct their activities at TIA, however, depending on the nature of the program or programs you have in mind, extensions may be given indefinitely.

The Citizens' Hospitality Newsletter