The declaration of a state of emergency has been issued

Because of an increase in the number of people who have contracted the COVID-19 in Aichi Prefecture, a state of emergency has been declared on April 10.

※『The declaration of a state of emergency 』・・・This is an important announcement which is issued when people’s lives are in danger

What this means: Please avoid leaving your home until May 6th as best as possible.
※You may go outside:
・when you need to see a doctor
・when you go grocery shopping, to buy medicine or items needed for your daily life
・when you go for work
・for light exercise or a walk
Situations to avoid: ・places without proper ventilation
・crowded places
・social gatherings, or unnecessary physical contact (keep socially distant)
Other: ・Don't have events where a lot of people gather.
・Supermarkets and pharmacies will be open as usual. Don't buy more food or medicine than you need.
・Be careful not to get sick when you go to work or perform tasks essential for your everyday life