Useful Information for Foreigners(2021.12)

 ◎ ~Interpretation Assistance Offered by TIA Volunteers~

The Toyota Hospitality Guide Network is a selfless group of volunteers who take pleasure in assisting foreigners in need, especially in regards to information, or guidance on life related matters. They offer assistance with hospital visits, understanding and filling out paperwork at work at city hall, and interpretation from Japanese to English, etc.

Contact: +81-90-3528-5794 (cellphone)



 ◎ ~Helpful News from the Tax Office in Toyota~        

You can complete the procedure for your tax returns (for reimbursement), even after April. For those who want to apply for tax reduction (due to the number of dependents you have), to support family members living in their home country, or those who’ve bought a house using mortgage payments, or those who have income tax being deducted from their salary and want to apply for a reduction to their tax payment, you can make arrangements for consultation with the tax office by calling, even after April. If you make an appointment before visiting the tax office, your wait time will be significantly reduced.

Tel: 0565-35-7777 (ext.: 2313) You may need someone who speaks Japanese to assist you with your call.


 ◎ ~For Parents and Families that are Raising Children in Japan~

Are you worried about the development of your child? Here is access, in 16 different languages, to places where you can talk about developmental disabilities and the development of children, your concerns before consulting centers or visiting hospitals, and learn about the disability certificate.



 ◎ ~Important Tips & Evacuation Sites in Case of a Major Disaster in Toyota City~

In the event of a major disaster, and evacuation to a designated place of safety becomes necessary, here’s a list of local centers, and tips to keep close by to ensure the facilities are presently available for use.

For your own safety, it is advisable that you confirm the location and contact information of the nearest evacuation site in relation to your home and workplace, and please be sure to share the information with your loved ones and friends, in Toyota City, who have roots overseas.