Watch out for heatstrokes

Watch out for heatstrokes

A heatstroke is a serious condition in which the body becomes exhausted due to lengthy exposure to high temperatures, which results in rising body temperatures causing the shutting down of the body’s function to secrete sweat.


Elderly people, children and people with disabilities are highly susceptible to heatstrokes.

The number of people that get heatstroke is likely to increase when the temperature exceeds 30℃.

Be especially careful when the temperature exceeds 35 ℃.


To prevent heatstroke ①Regularly take water and salt.
②Take breaks in a cool place when you go outside.
③If you feel strange, or exhausted, report it immediately.
Heatstrokes happen! What should we do? ①Take the person to a cooler place.
②Loosen his/her clothes.
③Rehydrate them with sports drinks.
④Cool his/her body.

If a person who appears to be suffering from a heatstroke is unable to drink water by himself/herself, contact a medical institution immediately, or take him/her to a hospital.

Check the details on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfares’ website.

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