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Let’s Enjoy Moon-Watching!

Let’s Enjoy Moon-Watching!

Event hours
3:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Event place
Toyota City Mingei no Mori
There is a custom in Japan to show our appreciation for the moon. On some occasions, we prepare special food and plants as offerings to the moon to celebrate a good harvest.
The wonderful venue called “Mingei no Mori” (the forest of folk crafts) provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy viewing the beautiful Hunter’s Moon this month. Before the viewing, several groups will give a variety of performances on stage and displays for your entertainment. You will also enjoy beautiful bamboo lanterns in the forest. Why don’t you drop by this interesting event?
A 5-minute walk from the Meitetsu Hiratobashi Station (Hiratobashi Station is the 3rd stop from Toyotashi Station on the Meitetsu Line)
Free for admission
・The event will be held even in the case of light rain.
・Please be aware of preventing the spread of COVID-19 (such as wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands).

Event place

60-1 Ishihira Hiratobashi-cho, Toyota-shi

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