Outline of the Activities

TIA International Exchange Activities

“Citizens are the main actors in internationalization.”

Since its establishment in 1988, TIA has developed citizen-oriented international exchange programs based on the three pillars of exchange, understanding, and coexistence, including various exchange events to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, various courses to learn about each other, and the creation of systems for a society in which we can live together.

One of the most significant features of TIA’s activities is that each volunteer group is actively involved with its own objectives.In addition to groups that use their English language skills to plan events in English, interact with foreign residents, teach Japanese, and provide educational support, there are also opportunities for individual volunteers to serve as interpreters, translators, and hosts for home stays and home visits, etc. Approximately 300 people register each year.

Toyota City is an international city with many foreign residents.Why don’t you take the first step in international exchange by getting to know each other, aiming for a multicultural society where people understand and respect various cultures and “live together”?