Purpose We aim to offer comfortable places to children whose roots are from abroad. We would like to help those children spend their time without worrying every day, even if they do not go to school. We hope that children have a power to build a good relationship with people and society through learning Japanese, making friends and thinking together about heir future plan.
Outline of activities We support children whose roots are from abroad and do not go to school in Japan or refuse to attend school for any reason. Specifically, we help them with their Japanese learning, subject learning and guidance counseling. Also, we give them a job education through various experiences as a volunteer. We offer children places to learn with one another beyond differences of languages and cultures.
Activities -Education counseling for children whose roots are from abroad (at any time)
-Learning Japanese and subjects (Tues.- Fri.) 
-Helping those who go to school in Japan with Japanese and subjects (Sat.)
-Observation tour to schools & lectures for going to high schools and colleges
-Job guidance
Children's roots Children come from Brazil, Peru, the Philippines, Nepal, China and so forth. Their age group is between 15 and 18ブ
Days/Times of activities Every Tues.-Sat. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Message Children come to be able to calculate and read & write Kanjis if you support kindly and individually. We welcome any volunteers who want to help children with their learning slowly and steadily. In detail, see our website.