English Information For Friends


Interpretation, Sightseeing guide, Organizing English Salon(Presentation in English by foreign residentes) and other events promoting international friendship and Japanese culture, Translating local area guides, Providing English information through social media, etc.

Regular Meeting

Every  Thursday 10:30 a.m.- noon
Volunteers of all nationalities are welcome


Toyota International Association TEL:0565-33-5931 or contact E-IFF

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Our group was formed soon after the establishment of TIA in 1988. We have been trying to make use of our English skills to help the people from overseas to feel at home in Japan. Not only serving as interpreters or tour guides, we translate various pamphlets and organize events such as “ENGLISH SALON”,”Green tea picking” and “Soba making”. We also provide local information on living and tourism in English through social media. (Mainly sourced from Toyota City Newsletter KOHO Toyota.)

At E-IFF, volunteers from different nationalities have participated to make Toyota internationally friendly community.

We cotinue to do our best to improve our English skills and to be more knowledgeable in Japanese and other cultures.