The English Volunteer Group GLOBE

Outline of Activities


The English Volunteer group, GLOBE, started in 2009, aiming to promote international communication activities of Toyota City using English.  We gather mainly every weekend.

Our activities are mainly “English Gathering” in which we invite and communicate with overseas guests, tour guiding of POI of the city of Toyota, and introduction of Japanese culture.  Also, we support events sponsored by TIA and organize originally international friendship events.    Moreover, we positively hold voluntary learning opportunities to improve our English skills in having good cultural exchange with international people.  Therefore, we are getting ready to make progress in English keeping pace with our activities.

GLOBE is always striving to make our city more internationally aware and be open to the world by promoting to extend the circle of our activities to citizens of Toyota through learning English, making friendship with people from other countries.

Details of activities

-Organizing international events

-Learning English in order to foster talented people who can play an active role in international activities

-Inviting overseas English speakers and having chances of interacting with them

-Interpretations and Translations

Days/Times of Activities

Regular meeting: Every Saturday morning


In a globalized world, we have constantly enhanced our activities in order to become global people having broad outlook and ability of understanding different cultures.  And through practices and relationships with overseas residents in this area, we are seeking images of Japanese in the new era who can live together and cohere with as many people as possible and broaden the circle of exchange.  Those who are interested in English and love international friendship are most welcome.  Just contact us soon!

We are looking forward to seeing you all.